Industry Type : Events
From: 21-11-18 at 05:00 PM
To: 24-11-18 at 01:00 PM
Organizer : Brenda Debiasio
No of Attendees : 500 to 1000

We want your expertise! Please suggest topics and speakers for the next Bea World Festival.

The theme „Creative Thinking – The Art of Breaking Routines“ will determine the content of the educational programme on the 23rd of November.

The primary target audience:
- event and communication agencies and corporate event planners
- media and event agency associations
- targeting 600 participants
- mainly senior level managers, business owners and senior project managers of small-scale to world´s largest international organisations
- with long-time experience in events.

Topics should share ideas for innovations e.g. in multi-channel communication & social media strategies, influencer marketing, storytelling, digitalization and intelligent event technology (AI, AR), leadership, new learning/event formats, event sustainability, risk management and more.

We are seeking inspiring and knowledgeable speakers/innovators and topics for very interactive session formats:
- Innovation Meetup: 10 min presentation plus 20 min. campfire sessions
- Fireside Chat: Interview, 20 min presentation, audience Q+A
- Workshop: 2 hours to learn a new skill / technique solving job challenges

The deadline for your ideas is July 20th. The Bea World team will select up to 5 topics by most likes - so don´t forget to like the topic/speaker you think is of most interest.


Coimbra, Portogallo
Convento São Francisco, Avenida da Guarda Inglesa, 1, 3040-193 Santa Clara, Coimbra

Fireside Chat - Here we need speakers sharing best practices how to successfully apply innovation to events (20 min + Q+A). Please click "contribute" and describe the speaker and best practice and why this is a relevant topic for senior event professionals.

Technology to engage and educate attendees. In this session James Morgan from Event Tech Lab would look at the creative uses of technology to engage attendees to enhance their experiences.

Yemi AD. He is not only an international artist, event professional with a number of awards from euBea but also a Tedx speaker. He is also considered to be a millenial expert and influencer.

What Great Events Do! A brilliant session looking at some of the most inspiration events across the globe to find out the secrets of their success. There are 10 things that Great Events Do! William Thomson, Gallus Events

Ask Jan-Jaap In der Maur (thé expert on meeting-moderation) anything about moderating yourself or about the cooperation with your moderator.

Colja M. Dams - CEO of the VOK DAMS GRUPPE. He establishes new standards in fields of Events and Live-Marketing, which are developed by VOK DAMS. Topic: Agile Management

How do you organize multi-generation meetings and large events that everyone benefits from? Fiona Knight Consulting Services specializes in project management which includes special events, media launches, conferences, focus groups, festivals, tours, for over a quarter century for many generations.