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Organizer FAQ

Contributor FAQ

Organizer Questions:

Q:How long will it take to set up my event page?

Setting up your page can be done in 10 minutes with 6 simple steps.

  • 1. Register as an organizer;

  • 2. Create and event page;

  • 3. Go through the fields on the event page and populate the page with the details you want to provide to your network, and add various areas where you want contributors made.

  • 4. Create our event. You can use a SharedXP generated URL or create your own

  • 5. Choose if you want to create a 'closed' or 'open' event page.

  • 6. Upload the email addresses to the people you want to receive the link.

Q:What is a 'closed' event page?

A 'closed' event page can only be seen by those people that you give the URL too. Only those people you target can contribute to and like the comments on the event page. This is useful for organizations that want to keep the information on their event page confidential.

Q:What is an 'open' event page?

An 'open' event page is searchable on the SharedXP website and anyone can access it. This is useful for large events where you want to get as many contributions as possible.

Q:What size image should I use for my event page?

The best size to use is1030 x 320 pixels.

Q:How many event activities can I add to my event page?

This depends on the package that you purchase. The Silver only allows two event activity types. The GOLD and PLATINUM allow for event activity contribution types.

Q:How many emails can I upload to the server when sharing my event with my network?

SharedXP allows you tho share the event to 50 emails at the same time, using csv format.

Q:Can I share my event page on social media?

Yes. You can post your event page to social media. Bear in mind that if you are creating a 'closed' event you may only want to post the URL to restricted enterprise networks.

Q:Can I restrict who sees my event page?

This depends on whether you created a 'closed' or 'open' event page.

Q:Can I moderate my page and delete inappropriate comments?

You can moderate and edit your event page at anytime in the process. It's a good idea to check on the event page daily, to make sure you are happy with the contribution process.

Q:Can I up grade my subscription plan if I reach the maximum number of contributors?


Q:Can I up grade my subscription plan if I reach the maximum number of contributors? Yes. You will receive a message to upgrade once you reach maximum limits.

How can I close my event page?

This is simple. Just Archive the event. Its always there to refer back to but your network will not be able to see it.

Contributors Questions:

Q: Do I need to register as contributor?

Yes. You can use your Twitter account or you can provide an email address and other personal details.

Q: Can I see my suggestion after creating it?

Your suggestion will become public for you and others as soon as the organizer approves it. You will recieve a notification when that happens.

Q: Can I suggest or like more than once?

Yes. You can suggest and like as many times as you like. You can only like once for a particular comment.

Q: Can I share my suggests to social media?

Yes. You can share to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Q: Can I edit my original suggest?

No. You will have to make a new suggest.

Q: Do likes count as contributions?

No. You can like as much as you want.